What does Darrell Kobza Art Services offer it's clients?





- Top quality wood and aluminum custom cut frames in a wide variety of styles and price ranges. 

- Archival matting, backing and hinging to protect your works of art while presenting them in their best light.

- Regular picture quality glass.  
- Non-glare glass. 
- U.V. (Ultra-Violet)Protection glass.
- Selection of Plexi-Acrylic glass ranging 
- from regular to U.V. Non-Reflective.

- Speciality mounting for non paper (Flat) works of art: Shadow box framing,etc.
If you have a unique idea or problem, talk with us and we will try to find a solution that works.

- Canvas stretching using conservator's stretchers with five varieties to choose from (Basic,Standard Professional,Select,Heavy Duty).

- Dry mounting of photographs and posters and prints,etc. This can also be done on archival mounting boards using acid free mounting tissues to increase the life span of degraded commercially produced prints.(Please note that depending on the type of production of your art work, there may be a very limited range of possibilities as to what we can do to help preserve that items longevity. 




-Linen conservation backing for archival preservation of works of art on paper.
Posters, maps, prints, photographs, any paper based work of art.

Linen backing is primarily a restoration process used to reinforce and rebuild old and fragile and damaged works of art on paper. It is an archival way to preserve paper based works of art.
Linen backing is also very commonly used on contemporary paper such as posters or commercially produced prints to extend the life span of these types of art.

- There are many different factors that go into a properly linen backed work of art and we are always very willing and happy to discuss the steps, methods and materials that we use. 




- This is a very delicate procedure to remove stains, sun damage and other types of discolouration on works of paper. We offer a limited range of bleaching services (to remove spots,localized stains or discolourations).
Full-entire sheet bleaching we do not offer at this time due to limitations in our space and facilities.

Note: Any item that has been treated with a bleaching solution should then be treated with an anti-acid or de-acidification treatment to neutralize any chemicals left in the paper and return the paper to a neutral PH level.




- This treatment is specifically to neutralize the PH level in the paper or cloth that the art work is printed on.
Generally artist quality papers do not require this type of treatment as these papers are usually 100% rag and acid free. However, commercially produced art on paper, ie: posters, large edition prints, newspaper, some digital and emulsion based photo papers do have chemical or acid content.



-We offer courteous and professional art installation and hanging services for your home or office.

Consultation on how and where to hang your art collection is also part of our service along with appropiate hanging options for your specific needs. General advice on installation and hanging methods and security hanging systems are all part of our service. 



-Custom built wood and metal sculpture mounts and bases.

-Each stand or base is custom styled and sized for the individual art object. Built to your specifications in wood or metal.